Wio Bank PJSC was to launch in the region amidst growing banking competition in the country. With a mandate to go global with this launch, it was important to establish a strong narrative to grab worldwide attention.​


In a span of less than 2 weeks, HoC worked with Wio to lay out the comms foundation, develop PR messages, FAQs, and press releases and host a press conference that saw to the attendance of all top tier business and banking media. Pre-event and post-event interviews ensured the media intrigue around ’platform banking’ was addressed.​

In keeping with the digital narrative, we ideated a number of digital media gift options including ‘breaking banking’ themed NFTs.


Prominent on-message coverage in publications such as Reuters, Euronews, PYMNTS, FinTech Futures, FinTech Times, Arab News, Forbes Middle East, Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, Dubai TV and Al Arabiya TV, and others, across print, broadcast and online.​