Our team was tasked with generating significant awareness and driving a high volume of sign-ups for the highly anticipated UA Fitness Challenge in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the Under Armour brand.


  • We implemented a comprehensive advertising strategy across two powerful platforms, Facebook and Instagram.
  • We employed a multi-faceted approach, using custom (database) targeting, interest-based targeting focused on fitness enthusiasts, and re-targeting tactics.​
  • We utilized a diverse range of ad formats to create a captivating and engaging user experience.​
  • Continuously monitoring and adapting to the nuances of each platform, our team actively optimized the campaign by making timely adjustments based on platform behaviour and user responses.​


Our strategic approach and diligent execution yielded impressive results. We successfully generated unprecedented awareness for the UA Fitness Challenge in the UAE, capturing the attention of a substantial audience. Furthermore, the campaign delivered an outstanding volume of sign-ups, surpassing all KPIs.​