Humanise brand UAE by bringing the biggest humanitarian sporting event in the world; The Special Olympics World Games, Abu Dhabi 2019, to life across social media channels.


  • We had 7,000 incredible athletes, all with their own unique stories of bravery and resolve. ​
  • We executed a ‘human-focused photography’ strategy, commissioning 28 photographers, content capturers and special guest Brandon Stanton (of Humans of New York), to be the eyes and ears of the games.​
  • This resulted in being able to capture all of the on-ground action to share with a global audience. 


Engagement in this very powerfiul sporting event went through the roof! 47 million people interacted with the games across social media and our designated hashtags were trending for six days solid. More than that, we celebrated the stories of these very special athletes to a global audience and showcased the UAE’s intrinsically inclusive nature, in-line with the Year of Tolerance.