We were briefed by Starbucks to whip up excitement for its brand new drink Caramel Cloud Macchiato. Easy, right? Not so much. Covid was rampant and store footfall was down so we needed something pretty special to capture attention.​


Taking inspiration from the drink’s name, we created the mother of all product drops, partnering with SkyDive Dubai to deliver the very first Caramel Cloud Macchiato live and direct right from the clouds.​

We filmed our daredevil barista leaping thousands of feet from a plane into the sky, eventually landing in the desert to deliver 2021’s hottest new drink lucky Starbucks customer.​


This rock and roll piece of video content totally outperformed traditional product announcements and reinforced that the latest Starbucks drink tastes light as air and frothy as clouds, leading customers to flock to stores to try it.​