Saudi Entertainment Ventures, a company founded by Public Investment fund with a multi-billion investment allied to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 required the launch of their online branding assets with a website as part of their overall digital strategy.​​

The new website will be the core digital asset that communicates the company's entertainment project updates for the next decade and will act as the main channel for stakeholders to access information. Hence why it was necessary to build a comprehensive website taking User Experience seriously and making sure visitors can find the right information with just a couple of clicks.


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We created a responsive, user-friendly web experience using the latest front-end techniques to deliver an intuitive user experience. The content management system was built using Umbraco as it is scalable and future projects and updates can be made with ease.​​

Key Outcomes

  • Colorful but clean website that translates Sevens brand identity.​​
  • A dynamic timeline that showcases the project milestones.​​
  • Rich image-based design reflecting the core purpose of the company​​