Neutrogena’s mission has always been to democratise access to skin health. On the back of that, we noticed a huge surge in the online conversation around skincare and skin concerns during the month of Ramadan. So how can we leverage this occasion to further solidify Neutrogena’s mission?​


  • In a period where our consumers are actively engaged on all platforms and seeing the gap around skin-related topics, we decided to go big and create content people are longing for - Neutrogena SKINSHOW. ​
  • We launched the SKINSHOW on YouTube, a series that answers consumers’ most asked questions and concerns. ​
  • We designed the show around four episodes, each dedicated to a specific skin concern, providing answers and solutions to common questions. We also merged data from Google with our product selection during the show and included various interactive elements like challenges, Q&A sessions, and experiments to inform and entertain the audience.​
  • To host the show, we collaborated with influential beauty, skin health, and makeup experts who helped enhance the credibility and engagement of the series.​


The show excelled in most performance metrics, particularly outperforming the benchmark in terms of VTR and CTR.​