As a newly establish start-up incubator in Abu Dhabi (2019), Hub71 needed to improve their standing and recognition in the market, playing catch up with some leading competitors who had a much more developed presence in the region. 


  • Ideate a strategic approach to highlight the key programmes offered by  Hub71.​
  • Create a strong sense of community within the Hub71 ecosystem.
  • Build credibility related to Hub71 by bringing attention to the strategic partnerships they had in place. ​
  • Provide event specific social content that remains consistent with the overall look and feel of the social direction.  ​
  • Share live coverage from key industry events where Hub71 were present to showcase live company activities.​


Over the course of a year, we saw the key social pages for Hub71 (IG&LI) grow by over 13K new followers, with a 4.5% average engagement rate reflected across these platforms. This ER is 4x higher than the industry norm. Furthermore, we saw 1,500 IG users go directly to the Hub71 website through the web link in the IG bio, highlighting the desire for the audience to know more.