Grey Goose is a well-known luxury vodka brand, but it is often associated with specific drinking occasions only (namely celebrations and bottle service). The brand wanted to go beyond this and drive consideration of Grey Goose across multiple drinking occasions, whilst retaining the brand’s core identity as a luxury spirit.​


  • We identified a core insight about the type of people that Grey Goose appeals – who usually are the leaders of their social group. ​
  • Based on this insight, we developed a creative platform that would appeal to our audience and named it 'The Moment Makers’. ​
  • To bring it to life, we launched our own Instagram page where we provided inspirational content to our audience.​
  • We also enlisted three 'Moment Makers' influencers who are leaders in their social circles and had them create epic content to showcase Grey Goose in various settings​


Despite the challenging dark market of alcohol advertising in the UAE, the campaign achieved phenomenal results in just three months!