Activated Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter


We were asked to develop a campaign to raise awareness of the significance of Agri-Nutrients in food production, considering the substantial increase in the world’s population and the quest for food security becoming one of the most pressing issues of our time. Feeding the rising population is becoming difficult but also impossible without using Agri-Nutrients.

The objectives of this campaign were to raise awareness of Agri-Nutrients, educate all consumers across the GCC region on what they are and their importance in the drive toward zero hunger and global food security, and build on the existing campaign theme of ‘Enabling More With Less’.

Our approach was to ‘dumb down’ the language around Agri-nutrients to make it simple, easy to understand and give consumers a reason to connect with what we are saying. We created multiple assets to tell the story utilising an illustration look & feel, adding simplicity yet playfulness to such a serious topic.

We launched the campaign in both languages (En and Ar) across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter and supported it with paid media to ensure reaching all the audiences in the Middle East, with primary markets being UAE and KSA, followed by a remarketing strategy, which helped us to achieve the results and tell the story.

The campaign was successful as we delivered a very high number of video views along with a healthy split on social media platforms, where each platform delivered more than 1M video views exceeding our initial estimations.