We kicked off 2023 with a challenging new & exciting digital brief: To help increase the number of weekly e-commerce orders for a delicious, healthy meal plan company via our digital services. ​


  • We rolled out multiple objective campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Search.
  • Aided by the use of various ad formats including video, imagery, and animation.​
  • Each week, the ads were optimized accordingly based on data-driven insights to ensure we were best utilizing the budget for results.​
  • Targeting various audiences within each objective with the aim of nurturing the consumer right through the various stages of our sales funnel, and to great success.​


Within the first four months of 2023 we have seen fantastic results with a 46% increase in overall sales, with 23% of this attributed directly to paid search campaigns.​ Overall, it was a very successful timeframe that drove over 10M impressions, 60K+ link clicks, and almost 1 million video views. ​We're looking forward to seeing how far we can grow together moving forward.​