The Brief

Eton Institute - an educational organisation in the UAE, approached House of Comms, in search for an agency to support with their website SEO. The brief was complex due to technical issues they had faced from site migration, which caused their website rankings to dramatically drop.

The Execution

Prior to site migration, Eton Institute were receiving 7,000 organic traffic hits per month. In total, they were ranking for 14,000 keywords per month. After the site migration with their former SEO agency, they dropped to 2,500 organic traffic hits per month and only ranked for 4,000 keywords. A huge drop!

Key Outcomes

We corrected this problem over a course of two-months and brought their rankings back up. At present, they rank for 16,000 keywords per month. How we did this: We corrected the page mapping issues, added proper 301 redirects and addressed many on-page issues. After fixing these, we added new links to Google Search Console for recrawling. There were additional issues on their website relating to canonical tags which we also corrected, along with other technical, on page and off page activities.