• Case Study Enoc Wie


    The brief was to Design and develop a website/Web App for ENOC Women in Energy that not only functions as an informative site but also include advance module and features for applicants to successfully apply for the different category of awards that include unique criteria’s and for Judges and Jury’s to review and score applications. ​

    Choosing the right CMS was a challenge but Umbraco 10 was our first choice for this system because of its flexibility and options to optimize the website based on the clients custom requirement. ​


    • Considering the complexity of the platform, we designed a comprehensive and robust information architecture and set of wireframes to help the engineering team understand the scope in full and develop and integrate the backend. ​
    • The different modules were built independently with the respective features and a thorough QA process was put in place to ensure that the functions correlate and work accurately. ​

    Key Outcomes

    • The website uses a premium design system that blends in the brand identity of ENOC and it offers a seamless user experience for all users that include award applicants and the judging panel. ​
    • A secure foundation that provides extra security features for developers through CMS. ​
    • A module that allows applicants to register and apply for 8 different categories of awards whereas each award has its own set of questions and criteria’s. Advance criteria’s also have been programmed into the application so the application gets validated before the applicant is able to submit their application. ​
    • Modules for judges to review applications and score them within the portal itself while a separate module has been built for Jury’s to set cut off marks for award category that will help the portal shortlist the winners. ​


    • Applicant dashboard that will allow users to see the progress of their application. ​
    • Notification section that will let users know of important messages from the organizers.​
    • Auto save so users can continue their application from the point they left.​
    • Criteria validation in each step that will validate and let users know in each step if they their responses are in line with the set criteria’s​
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