We were tasked with designing and building of a landing page that is not only able to function as an entry point to heart health related information offered by CCAD but also function as a tool to intrigue visitors to sign up to screening packages offered by CCAD. ​


  • our initial step involved examining distinct wireframes and design choices for the page, guided by our UI/UX experts. 
  • To command attention, we opted for a design infused with heart health colours, creating a striking departure from the standard website aesthetics.​
  • The website was meticulously structured to narrate a story depicting different stages of heart conditions, contributing to heightened awareness..​
  • Integration of authentic patient narratives served as a compelling means to convey the message, urging individuals to prioritize screenings.​


We were able to design a landing page that goes hand in hand with the CCAD global design system but is heart health themed keeping the messaging to the fore.​ It also provided a dedicated space to support our advertising campaigns resulting in remarkable conversions and results.