The healthcare industry in the Middle East is a very competitive market online. Over 3 years ago, we teamed up with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi to instill good practises across their website to ensure they appear in the top positions when people are searching for help.


  • Constant technical audits and fixes. ​
  • Ongoing On page and Off page efforts ensuring all web pages are fully optimized.​
  • Extensive keyword research conducted for all topics, ensuring allrelevant keywords .are being targeted correctly in both English and Arabic.​
  • SEO specific content in the form of blogs and informative information created throughout this period to ensure we keep improving.​
  • Full website migration also took place in this timeframe, with all best practises on show ensuring all effects were minimized from an SEO point of view.


The numbers speak for themselves. Taking the number of Organic impressions from 3.4M in August 2020 to 28M in August 2023 as well as ranking for 170K keywords now compared to just 15K in August of 2020. Finally taking our organic monthly users of the website from 120K to 452K in just three years.​