Community management shouldn’t be just a line item on a checklist.

A community should feel like one. Like you’re part of something. As a community manager, you’re responsible for driving and nurturing brand connections.

But getting it right isn’t always easy.

It’s about finding what REALLY resonates with your audience—their likes, passions, dislikes, and quirks—and feeding those insights back into your business to inform brand partnerships, creative strategy, and even product offerings.

There are the more obvious community insights. For example, an ice cream brand might launch a vegan option because people are asking for one. Then, there are the more subtle insights gleaned from managing a community and building into what you know. For instance, if your community is more active in the evenings, this is when you’ll publish content. You might even create an 'After Dark' series to engage them when they’re most likely to make a purchase.

These insights aren’t always glaringly obvious; you need a person, or a team, to do the digging for you.

Platforms are evolving to create more community-driven content. Think 'hype' from Instagram, or the 'add yours' slider in Instagram Stories. These are new features released in the past few months to encourage people to feel part of something. This might not naturally scream community management but it's a huge part of it: keeping people engaged and engaging. It's a two-way street. Evolving followers into fans. Creating a community of advocates, making people feel something—more connected.

You can't always measure community management, so it can be hard to justify. But, it does matter... Who replied to your comment? Who updated you on your order? Who shared your CV with the hiring team? 

Who? A community manager, that’s who.

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