Boosted content and dark posts are like the Marvel vs. DC of the digital world – each has its own superpower.

BOOSTED posts are organic posts that you give a little extra push to, making them appear more prominently in people's feeds.

DARK posts are created and shared with specific audiences so as not to dilute your messaging, or send conflicting messages to the same audience, and therefore they don't show up on your main page. 

Think of it this way... dark posts are all about targeting, while boosted posts are about increasing visibility. 

But which performs better? Well, we turned to the ultimate experts (AKA our very own digital team 😉) to settle the debate! Here's what they had to say:

Tom – Head of Digital: It really depends on the objective you’re trying to achieve. I would always recommend having a mix of both ad types as part of your paid media strategy so you can understand what works best for you and adjust accordingly.

Laura – Associate Paid Media Director: I believe that Dark Post can drive better results to drive conversions but promoted organic post can drive better engagement, increase profile visits and followers.

Yousef – Senior Paid Media Executive: In terms of data, dark ads are superior because they enable us to delve into more details on our target audience and make informed decisions. However, I would still utilize boosted posts to foster certain levels of page engagement.

Aishwarya – Junior Paid Media Manager: Promoted organic posts are better as the engagement stays on the page, so if the objective is to grow the page - that is the way to go!


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